Underground drainage Ipswich - blocked drainsBlocked drains can be a smelly nuisance, and if the problem can be traced back to the drainage pipes within the boundaries of your property, you are legally responsible for getting it fixed.

Gilson Environmental Services, who provide underground drainage and rodding services in Ipswich, Suffolk and across East Anglia, have identified some of the most common reasons why drains get blocked – and how we can help if they are.

The Natural Causes

Plant roots can easily cause an obstruction, so you should be wary of growing any shrubs or trees too close to your pipes. Garden waste – particularly dead leaves and foliage – is often another source of blockages, as they can be blown or washed into the drains and build up over time. Creating a compost heap for the leaves is one eco-friendly way of avoiding this problem.

Prolonged periods of heavy rain can also cause blockages, so make sure that you clean your gutters out regularly. This will minimise the risk of your drains being blocked by any dirt or debris that is washed down the pipes.

The Human Causes

Drains can also get clogged up because of what we try to throw or flush away, rather than because of Mother Nature. Some problems can be traced to pipes linked to the toilet, which is designed to dispose of lavatory paper, human waste and nothing else.

Don’t be tempted to flush wet wipes, tampons and other sanitary products, as these often cause blockages. Even using paper towels, rather than toilet tissues, can cause a problem. Everything except toilet paper should be disposed of in a waste bin instead.

Hair is another principal cause of blockages; often as a result of washing your hair in the shower or over the side of the bathtub. Installing a drain cover will catch any hair and let the water flow away.

Pouring oil or food waste down your kitchen sink is another cause of blockages. Fat or grease can stick to the inside of your pipes and prevent any water from getting through. These types of waste are the main ingredients of the so-called ‘fatbergs’ which are increasingly being found in some of the UK’s drains and sewers.

Any leftover scraps of food should be placed in the general waste bin. Any oil should be disposed of in the same place, although you should allow it to cool down and solidify first – or pour it into a separate container.

Underground Drainage Services from Gilson Environmental Services

As part of the underground drainage services which we offer in Ipswich and in 11 other counties across the East of England, Gilson Environmental Services can unblock any of your drains or pipes.

Our partnership with Bio Green UK Limited means we can offer high-quality grease management services. We only use products which are environmentally-, human-, animal- and plant-friendly to unblock drains or deal with any sewage treatment plant and septic tank problems.

If you think you have a broken pipe or blocked drain, call us on 01473 741530. We offer 24-hour emergency cover, and one of our fully qualified engineers will come out as soon as possible. To find out more about our services, just click on this link.