If your home or business needs a septic tank or sewage treatment system, you need to be sure that you consult a qualified expert to ensure it is suitable for your property – and that they can look after it for you in future.

Here are five reasons to choose Gilson Environmental Services, who specialise in sewage treatment solutions and who have offices in Ipswich and Harleston.

Meeting Legal Obligations

There are a whole host of regulations which both householders and suppliers need to be aware of when it comes to sewage treatment plants. Recent changes, known as General Binding Rules, put the onus on householders to ensure that their system is installed correctly, is maintained in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and disposes of the effluent safely.

At Gilson all our work complies with the latest legislation. For example, we ensure that any sewage treatment plant or septic tank is commissioned in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Our staff are also qualified to work in confined spaces, thanks to their City and Guilds Level 3 training, which means we meet the 1997 legislation which covers this area.

Ongoing Care

At Gilson, our job isn’t over once your system has been installed. We offer a complete aftercare sewage treatment plant and septic tank maintenance service which means your installation should remain fully operational. We provide our customers with comprehensive records and reports, which helps you understand the reasons for any repairs or maintenance – and gives us a point of reference for any future visits.

24-hour Service

Like any machine, a waste water disposal system can still go wrong, even if it has been serviced regularly. We appreciate that if a problem does arise, it can be inconvenient, embarrassing and potentially costly to put right. At Gilson we offer 24-hour emergency cover, so any issues will be fixed as soon as is practicably possible.

Independent Advice

You will be able to rely on us for impartial advice when it comes to either buying or replacing your waste disposal system. Although we are recognised by all the major names in the field, we are not tied to any one manufacturer. And we will always look for the most cost-effective solution – for example, we will often be able to repair your system rather than replace it outright.

Experienced at Finding Faults

Being fully independent has an additional benefit. It means we are familiar with all the major brands and makes, so we know where to look for the faults. Whether your problem is a faulty motor, a blocked pipe or a smell from a manhole cover or drain, at Gilson our engineers will be able to trace the source of the issue and repair it quickly.

A Good Working Relationship with Other Organisations

At Gilson Environmental Services, we have excellent relationships with the Environment Agency and local councils who lay down, and enforce, the regulations surrounding treatment systems. This helps with the administration and the decision-making processes, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays.

Contacting Gilson Environmental Services for Your Sewage Treatment Solutions

If you would like to get in touch with sewage treatment solutions experts Gilson Environmental Services in Ipswich, Suffolk, simply click on this link and fill in the online form, or email us at kris@gilsonenviro.co.uk.