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We offer a range of comprehensive maintenance and commissioning packages.

Maintenance & Commissioning

Like any mechanical product, your treatment plant or pumping station will require servicing and maintenance to ensure it is operating efficiently and compliant with the binding rules. As of January 2015, the sewage pump maintenance regulations changed – and this means the property owner or landlord is responsible for the system to be maintained to manufacturers guidelines and conform to effluent discharge criteria.

Our engineers will carry out a full, comprehensive service and inspection all vital parts of your waste water system. Our fully stocked fleet looks to deal with the majority of potential drain repair issues on site providing a service record sheet and images where required, allowing us to build a profile of your individual system for future reference.

We offer a comprehensive sewage pump maintenance package to cover a wide range of systems.


Once a new system is installed it will require commissioning, this involves ensuring the installation has met the required criteria set out by the manufacturer, supplying certification upon completion to conform to building regulations. Should any corrective measures be required, they will be completed during the commissioning to ensure you are left with a fully functional system.


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