While Christmas conjures up images of snowmen, Santa Claus and seasonal festivities, the cold weather can also cause problems for your sewage system. This is the last thing you want, particularly if you have visitors over the holiday period.

Here, Gilson Environmental Service, who specialise in septic tank and sewage treatment plant maintenance in Suffolk and Norfolk,  highlight some of the most common issues for both types of units over the winter, and how we can help you to avoid the worst of the problems.

Freezing Weather

Your septic tank or sewage treatment plant could be affected by an extremely cold snap because this may damage the pipework between your house and the unit, in the unit itself, or between the unit and the approved watercourse or drainage field.

Thankfully, if your unit has been installed and maintained correctly by experts like Gilson Environmental Services, this should be extremely unlikely. However, if this is a recurring problem you may need to consider adding fresh layers of insulation, and be sure that any leaks have been fixed before the winter sets in.

Accumulated Snow

Drainage fields can be a particular issue if they become covered in snow or ice, particularly if you drive over it. Cold temperatures and the additional pressure can compact the soil, meaning a septic tank isn’t as well insulated as it should be. If your tank does freeze, the wastewater won’t be as well filtered.

It is important to aerate the soil before the cold weather sets in, and to avoid driving over the drainage field with any type of vehicle (but particularly a heavy one like a tractor).

Holiday Guests

Christmas usually means guests coming round, and this can create a lot more pressure on your system. You could very easily overload your system if you do a lot more washing and your guests take baths. Opting for showers instead is one way to ease pressure on your sewage treatment system or septic tank.

Equally, going away for the festive period can also cause problems. This is because an unused system is more vulnerable to frozen pipework. Therefore it may be worth getting someone to run the hot water taps briefly for a few times while you are away.

Watch Your Waste

The festive period is also a time when the wrong sorts of items will be flushed down the toilet, particularly if you have children around. Make sure to stick to toilet tissues only, no sanitary products or wet wipes because these can block the diffuser head and get caught in bio disc mechanisms.

Christmas also means a lot of food preparation, but it is important to avoid pouring too much oil, grease, or fat down the sink because these can cause a layer of scum in your septic tank which will prevent the bacteria from doing their job, slowing down the decomposition of the sewage.

Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance from

The best way of making sure you don’t have any problems with your septic tank or sewage treatment system is to have it professionally installed and maintained by Gilson Environmental Services.

We are not tied to any particular brand, so we will always suggest the best solution for you. So if you have any sewage treatment plant or septic tank problem and are based in the Ipswich area, we are the people to call. We also offer an excellent aftercare service, including ongoing inspections and maintenance.

And, in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, we also offer 24-hour emergency cover. If you would like to know more either follow this link to fill in our online contact form or call us on 01473 741530.