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We are specialists in a range of drainage and pumping services and offer repair and maintenance solutions to commercial and domestic clients.

Gilson Environmental Services offer a range of services, including sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, confined space entry and drainage.

We have a team of drainage and pumping experts ready to offer maintenance or repairs on any job.

Gilson Environmental Services provide services to commercial and domestic clients throughout Suffolk and the rest of East Anglia.

Specialists in sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and drainage in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

Gilson Environmental Services offers waste and surface water solutions from start to finish. Providing onsite surveys with unbiased specification from underground drainage and mains sewer to treatment plant solutions.

Accredited by City & Guilds for confined space entry of treatment plants and pumping stations, we offer refurbishment solutions and drain unblocking services where others would simply look to replace.

Being located in the East of England enables us to serve both domestic and commercial clients in 11 counties: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Luton, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Southend-on-sea, Thurrock and Essex.

We are proud to offer the following products and services:

  • Maintenance
  • Tankering
  • Supply
  • Wire & commissioning
  • Breakdown & repair Refurbishment
  • Drain unblocking  & rodding services
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Installation; underground drainage, sewage treatment plants, pumping station, septic tanks, cess pools, soakaways or other ad hoc groundwork needs
  • Grease management & discharge concentrate specialists –
  • Free friendly advice we are proud to recommend


Identifying what type of system, you have

There are 3 common types of treatment plant; Bio Disc, Blower systems and Pumped treatment systems.

DISC Systems (Klargester, Kee)

How a Bio Disc works

A motor turns a chain or belt-driven sprocket attached to a shaft covered in plastic filter discs (or, in older models, fibreglass), the shaft then turns allowing bacteria to grow on the discs this is a constant process.

Underground drainage treatment consists of waste entering the primary stage where the solids are held, the bio disc then allows a primary and secondary treatment process, bailing cups slowly transfers the liquid from the primary to secondary treatment zone.

Once the effluent has filtered through both zones, it is then left to settle allowing only the treated effluent to leave the treatment plant and enter the water course.

Common issues include belts snapping, motor/gearbox failure or pump failure in the case of non-gravity discharge and incorrect commissioning of the control panel.

Air operated systems Primarily 2 types

(Klargester, Entec, Titan, WPL, Condor, Marsh, Vortex, Matrix, Enso, Tricel)

Type 1

This system works by an air pump (blower) blowing down a probe situated at the bottom of the treatment plant. This creates aeration, the process allows bacteria to grow which in turn treats the effluent, the final clean effluent then passes through a baffle or dip pipe to discharge to the water course.

Type 2

A probe know as an airlift sucks effluent up and over a filter bale where bacteria grows, allowing a filtered treatment process much like a pond filter. Common faults can include Airline blockages, blower failure, pump failure or incorrect setup of plant or panel.

Pumped treatment systems (Clearwater, Polcon, Balmoral, allerton)

With This system you would tend to find a primary septic tank removing solids from the effluent before entering the treatment plant. The effluent is then pumped up to the top of the system and runs over a plate or sprays onto the filter media where the bacteria grows. The effluent flows down through the media leaving a treated effluent to flow into the water course. These systems normally stick out of the ground.

Regardless of which treatment plant you may have or wish to have installed, regular maintenance and emptying is essential.

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